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The work that I do is incredibly personal and a great deal of emotion goes into creating the pieces displayed on this website. I love working with the people who buy my art to make it just as personal to them.


I have worked with families to create a symbolic statue of the parents and children holding hands. A charming family group that captures the strength and closeness of familial bonds between parents, children and siblings. This tableau in metal conveys the personality of each family member – protective father, caring mother and affectionate older children drawing the youngest child into the family circle. For both indoor and outdoor display.


I have also worked with people to create outdoor pieces to enhance the atmosphere and feel of the garden.

I would be more than happy to discuss a possible commission or any piece displayed on this website…


Please feel free to get in touch with me on dawnboysstones@gmail.com


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    I create fresh, vibrant metal sculptures, in my workshop in the industrial zone of Marrakech.

    Dawn Boys Stones

    Metal Sculptor