– Recent Projects –

Here are some pieces I'm particularly proud of.
If you are interested in a piece feel free to contact me at my email:


The Circle of Trust

Family group

Take a Walk in Her Shoes II

 A demonstration of unity and love and friendship

Representing the closeness of a family group

Welded stiletto fantasy shoes hand painted

Family group


The Commuters

Representing the closeness of a family group

An exercise in the  beauty and elegance of the female form

The tireless commute of a morning pedestrian rush hour.

Two storks

Mother and child

 Mother and child

Beautifully detailed and skilfully rendered

Representing the unity of mother and child

Two figures become one fluid entity

 The Lovers

 A Walk in Her Shoes

The Raven

The power of love and togetherness

A classic  pair of fantasy shoes

A landing raven

Handbags at Dawn

The Fetish Shoe

Vive La France!

Hand Bag Fabricated in mild Steel

A whimsical play on the impossibility of shoes!

 Constructed from hundreds of small handcut piece.

The Gainsborough


An oversize Gainsborough hat on a stand.

One of nature’s most extraordinary birds

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    I create fresh, vibrant metal sculptures, in my workshop in the industrial zone of Marrakech.

    Dawn Boys Stones

    Metal Sculptor